How Can I Read My Boyfriends Text Messages without Touching His Phone

Is your boyfriend cheating on you? If he’s been distant lately, spends less time with you, and treats you differently, that could be the case.

You won’t know for sure until you read your boyfriend’s texts, though. If he’s found someone new, he’s probably in constant touch with them on his phone.


But the problem is you can’t read your boyfriend’s texts because he never lets his phone out of his sight. So how can you read your boyfriend’s text messages without touching his phone?

The answer is you can use a spy app to spy on your boyfriend’s texts! A spy app, once you set it up, allows you to read your boyfriend’s texts remotely, without ever touching his phone.

In this article, we explain how you can use a spy app for three different cases:

  • Part 1: How to spy on your boyfriend’s iPhone without ever touching it.
  • Part 2: How to spy on your boyfriend’s Android phone in secret.
  • Part 3: How to see who your boyfriend is texting without getting caught – on both iOS and Android.

Part 1: How to Remotely Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Touching It

If you want to remotely spy on your boyfriend’s phone without touching it, then your only real option is to use an iPhone spy app. The other supposedly remote online iPhone spy solutions don’t work. Either that or they are blatant phishing attempts.

We recommend Spyier. This is one of the most popular spy apps ever made. More importantly, you can use Spyier to spy on your boyfriend’s iPhone via your web browser, without needing to touch it! We explain how it works below.

1.1 Spyier – An iPhone Spy App Backed by a Million

Have you ever heard of Spyier? It’s regularly featured on popular channels such as PC World, Tech Advisor, LifeWire, CNET, and Engadget. Over a million people in 190+ countries use the app to keep tabs on their loved ones.


One of Spyier’s best features is that the app works 100% remotely with iOS devices (iPhones and iPads). That means – provided your boyfriend uses an iPhone – not only can you set up Spyier remotely, but you can use it to spy on the iPhone remotely too!

How does this work exactly? Spyier for iOS, as we mentioned, is a web-based app. That means you don’t need to download any software to your boyfriend’s iPhone. The app works with his linked iCloud account instead.

You get regular updates on your boyfriend’s iPhone activity directly to your private dashboard. You’ll be able to read his texts from your smartphone or PC, without needing to be in the same room as the iPhone.

1.2 How to See My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without His Phone

Want to set up Spyier on your boyfriend’s iPhone so you can start reading his texts? Given below are the simple steps to follow:

Step 1: You will need a subscription to Spyier to set up an account and then monitor your boyfriend’s device from your web browser. Take a look at the plans on offer and choose the right one. With Premium, for example, you can follow one device for a month. 

Once you have a plan selected and start the purchase process, a pop up box will appear. Enter your email here. It will be linked to your account. 

Step 2: You will be taken to the payment confirmation page. Here, you will receive your unique Spyier password, which is randomly generated. This is safe to use, but you can change it later. 

You will also receive an email from the Spyier team with a copy of your login details and some additional instructions, like a link to the iOS setup guide. When you are ready to begin configuring the app, choose “Start Monitoring”.

Step 3: You will get setup instructions in your email. Pick the target platform first (iOS). Then enter your boyfriend’s iCloud details in the blank form field. That’s all! Spyier will sync with the iCloud account in 10 minutes.


Step 4: You can now log into the Spyier dashboard. Here, you get an overview of what your boyfriend is doing on his iPhone. The apps various features are in the selection panel on the left. If you want to read your boyfriend’s texts, look for the “Messages” option.


Note that because Spyier for iOS is a web-based app, it’s impossible to detect! You can use the app to spy on your boyfriend without him finding out.

Check out the free Spyier for iOS online live demo here before you buy the app!

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Part 2: How to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone Text Messages Without Him Knowing

Does your boyfriend own an Android smartphone? You can read his text messages without him knowing. However, be aware that you will need to install software on his phone first. For this, you will have to access his phone for 3 minutes.

**No Android solution exists that can spy on your boyfriend’s phone or read his messages without installing software first. If you find such a solution online, it’s a sham or a way to steal your personal information. Don’t be fooled!**

2.1 Use Spyier to Read Your Boyfriend’s Texts in Secret

As we mentioned, you can read your boyfriend’s texts in secret. How? By using Spyier! Spyier also works with Android smartphones and tablets. Unlike the iOS version, however, the Android version of Spyier is a 2MB app.

You need to install this 2MB app on your boyfriend’s smartphone. Afterward, you can hide it. Once this is done, Spyier will run in the background, spying on your boyfriend’s phone without him finding out.

How does Spyier’s stealth feature work? Essentially, it’s a tiny 2MB app, so it doesn’t leave much of a trace. What trace it does leave is hidden. The app icon is invisible as well as the installed app’s entry.

Further, Spyier runs in the background, without draining the phone’s battery dry or slowing it down. All these factors make Spyier for Android an undetectable hidden spy app!

2.2 Read Your Boyfriend’s Texts Remotely

Also, note that you’ll be able to read your boyfriend’s texts remotely with Spyier. The app delivers updates on your boyfriend’s phone activity directly to a web-based dashboard.

You can access this dashboard conveniently from your PC or smartphone browser. Here is an overview of the information you stand to receive:

  • Read texts: You can read all the text messages your boyfriend has sent out to someone as well as all the text messages he has received recently.
  • Find deleted texts: Your boyfriend may be paranoid enough to delete messages from his lover. However, you can still retrieve these deleted texts with Spyier!
  • Check timestamps: Every text message comes with a time and date entry, so you will always know when an important conversation took place.


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Part 3: How to See Who Your Boyfriend Is Texting

Want to know who your boyfriend is texting – preferably without him knowing? It’s simple if you use Spyier! This works for both Android and iOS devices.

3.1 Spyier can access your boyfriend’s contact details

You can see who is messaging your boyfriend with Spyier. Not only that, but the app gives you access to his phone’s contact book:

  • See contact names: Find the full name of the person who is texting your boyfriend.
  • View display pictures: Get their display picture, if your boyfriend has stored one.
  • Check personal details: View other personal details such as email addresses, physical address, job description, social media information, and more.

Spyier is the most reliable, risk-free way to spy on your boyfriend’s phone

Compared to other solutions, Spyier offers the easiest, more stress-free way to spy on your boyfriend’s phone:  

  1. Spyier enjoys the trust of a million people

Over a million people use Spyier. The app is user-verified and virus-free. It’s used by people from all walks of life, from parents to employers. As a result, you can use the app knowing you’re getting a genuine product that’s worth the asking price.

  1. You need no technical skills to use Spyier

You won’t need any special skills or equipment to set up Spyier. The app is one of the only ones in the market that work fully without jailbreak or root! Further, you can set up the app with just your phone or PC. And you can use it conveniently from any web browser.

  1. The app safeguards your privacy

Some illegitimate spy apps steal your personal information or sell it to advertisers. Spyier, however, won’t do that. In fact, it can’t do that. Why? The app doesn’t store any of your personal information on its servers. It’s 100% private.

  1. Spyier is affordable

If you choose Spyier, you can spy on your boyfriend’s phone without emptying your wallet. The app is priced reasonably. It costs about as much as how much you pay to buy a DVD to monitor your boyfriend each month with Spyier!

  1. You get absolute access to your boyfriend’s phone

Spyier is a full phone spy app. It can show you not only your boyfriend’s text messages but everything else he gets up to!

  • Check your boyfriend’s social media activity on Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more.
  • View your boyfriend’s location history and see if he’s visiting strange places.
  • Find your boyfriend’s browser history and check if he’s logging into dating websites.
  • Take a look at your boyfriend’s calendar and see if he’s planned any dates.

The app offers over a dozen unique features in total.


There you have it. We showed you how to read your boyfriend’s text messages without touching his phone – and also how to spy on his phone in general. Spyier is a reliable tool. It’s also affordable and fully risk-free, so don’t hesitate to use it.

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