Spy on Text Messages and iMessages Remotely

Text Message Reader

Read all SMS and iMessages sent or received on the target device. Do it 100% invisibly.

Wondering what they're texting about and with whom? Check conveniently with Spyier!

  • Read all incoming and outgoing texts and iMessages.
  • Find deleted text messages and iMessages.
  • View media files, timestamps, and contacts info.
  • Start spying in less than 5 minutes with Spyier.

3 Simple Steps to Spy on Text Messages

Pick a Plan

Simply navigate to pricing page and pick a plan.

Install Spyier

Download Spyier onto the target Android device to install it. For iOS devices, enter the iCloud credentials.

Read SMS

Start reading texts by logging in to your Spyier account from any web browser.

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Reading Texts Can Be Essential

Reading someone's texts can provide you with priceless information. Spyier's message reader is enormously useful if you're a parent, an employer, or someone in a troubled relationship. .

spy on text messages with Spyier

Parental Control

Kids are prone to getting into trouble. They also make for soft targets for bullies, toxic people, and sexual predators. In the Digital Age, the only way to keep your kids safe is to track their phone use, including reading their messages. Kids don't always know to ask for help, but you can still be there for them by using Spyier.

Workplace Monitoring

Are your employees loyal to your business? It's no secret that many employees make a quick buck by passing on company secrets. Others slack off during work hours. If you're having some trouble with figuring out which employees are loyal to your business, reading the SMS may help you figure it out.

Finding Cheaters

Is your partner or spouse cheating on you? If it's true, they're likely to be touch with the person via their phones. You can read your partner's SMS to find out for sure and get some much needed peace of mind.

Read Texts and iMessages Without Root or Jailbreak

Spyier is one of the handful of spy apps in the maket that work without root or jailbreak. As a result, you can read anyone's texts or iMessages, even if they use a non-rooted or jailbroken device.

Read Texts Discreetly

Spyier is an ultra-stealthy app. You can use Spyier to read anyone's texts or iMessages without being found out. The Android version of Spyier is a hidden app that runs in the background invisibly. The iOS version of Spyier is web-based and can't be detected. Your target will never know they're being spied on.

You can set up Spyier within minutes with your smartphone or PC. Once the app is up and running, log in to the Spyier dashboard from any web browser. Then navigate to the "Messages" or "iMessages" option in the selection panel to the left.

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