Browser History Tracker

Browser History Tracker

Check the phone's or tablet's web browser history.

Use Spyier to keep track of anyone's surfing habits remotely:

  • Find out what websites a person loves to visit.
  • Read mini-descriptions of visited websites.
  • Get details like timestamps, visit frequency, and bookmarks.

3 Easy Steps to Spying on Someone's Website History

Pick a Plan

Go to the pricing page and choose a plan.

Install Spyier

Follow the setup instructions to install Spyier.

Access the Browser History

Log in to the Spyier dashboard to start viewing the target's browser history.

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Access Someone's Web Browser History in Minutes

Spyier makes it stress-free for you to view someone's web browser history. You can monitor someone's web browser remotely from your smartphone or PC. Just set up Spyier on the target Android or iOS device to get started.

After Spyier is set up, accessing the web browser history is a breeze. Simply look for the "Browser History" option in the selection panel to the left. Click on it and then wait for the Browser History window to load up.

The Browser History section provides you with a detailed overview of a person's internet usage. You get specifics like the website URL, the website's title, number of times visited, whether it was bookmarked, and a time and date entry.

Spyier stores the browser history in your private account. That means even if the browser history and cache are cleared from the phone or tablet, you'll still be able to view the web browser activity from your account. If necessary, you can choose to copy the information to your hard drive.

Further, Spyier can track the target's browser use in real-time. Specifically, if the phone user is visiting a website at the very moment, simply refresh the Browser History window every couple of minutes to track them!

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The Browser History Can Be a Goldmine of Info

When someone close to you starts acting up, a quick look at their web browser history can tell you a lot about what they're thinking and their inner state. This informaiton can come in handy if you're a parent, in a relationship with someone, or an employer. What do we mean exactly?

Do you think your partner is drifting away from you? They may be reading relationship advice online. If they drift too far, they may even sign up for a dating website or two. Taking a look at their web browser history might help you salvage your relationship.

If you're a parent, you can keep your children safe by checking their browser use. It's how you can prevent them from visiting inappropriate websites. There are also other dangers you can protect them from such as scammers, bullies, and sexual predators. If you're an employer, you can make sure your employees are browsing appropriate sites.

You can't supervise anyone 24/7. That's where Spyier comes in. The app allows you to monitor someone remotely. It's also 100% discreet and safe to use. Download it now!

View the Browser History Without Root or Jailbreak

Spyier's Internet History tracking feature works fully without root or jailbreak. Unlike certain spy apps, Spyier is advanced enough to monitor stock Android and iOS devices, without you having to tinker with any dangerous settings.

Track the Browser History in Secret

Spyier is a hidden app and allows you to monitor someone's browser history in secret. The Android version runs invisibly in the background after you install it on the target device. It doesn't drain the battery and there's no app icon. The iOS version is impossible to detect, seeing as it's web-based and works without an app download.

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